Robotic training products

The robot mechanics educational package is designed in the form of mechanics with the permission of the Office of Educational Technology and Educational Assistance of the National Education Organization, and it is possible to easily teach trainees various sciences, including physics, mathematics, mechanics, and technology.
This educational package along with the educational book, with practical topics and in accordance with the textbooks, is a new step in training new jobs. This educational series helps students to develop their creativity and scientific thoughts and show their ability to focus and desire to learn. The production of these educational packages at the national level has created employment and has led to the prosperity of the field of robotics at the national level.
This collection includes metal plates and corners, various gears, electric motor and other various parts, and with it, modern and industrial structures can be simulated. This educational package is suitable for all age groups.

Specialists of Iran’s Robotex educational group are trying to have a small contribution in the progress of the youth of Iran with the help of global knowledge and localization of this knowledge in the country and help them reach the heights of knowledge and technology.
The educational books of Robotex Iran have been written to teach robotics science in three branches: mechanics, electronics and programming. In writing these books, an attempt has been made to teach students the concepts of science and physics books in a practical way.
In writing these books, an attempt has been made to teach practical concepts in an attractive and scientific way using barcode technology.

Primary Package

Elementary level

STEM1 Package



بسته steam2

STEM2 Package


SMART Package

Advanced level