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Exporting educational goods and educational services is one of the priorities of Ayrik Robotics Sadra Company. Therefore, due to the attractiveness and need created in the field of robotics, educational knowledge, as well as the movement of neighboring countries towards new technologies, made us base our second decade of activity on export. For this purpose, the company’s export management department is being designed and developed. And so far, initial measures for export to several countries have started and are being developed.

We cordially invite global partners to Sadra's Irik Robotics Training System

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حضور آیریک رباتیک صدرا در مسابقات روبوتکس

International Robotex competitions

One of the honors of Sadra Chista Robotics School is to be represented in Robotex international competitions in Iran. The signing of a memorandum of understanding for the holding of the Estonian Robotex World Championships in Iran by Mr. Daud Jafari, the director and founder of Sadra Chista Robotics School, as the only official representative of Robotex IRAN with the aim of promoting automation and entrepreneurship through robots and other intelligent systems and sending teams Students participated in world competitions for the exchange of knowledge and technology between Iran and the industrialized countries of the world in 2016.
Robotex is a robotics festival including competitions, conferences, exhibitions, meetings and workshops that has been organized since 2001 and has become the largest robotics festival in Europe and many countries including India, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Mali, Armenia, Monaco, Japan, America, Angola, Greece, Finland, China, Colombia, Cyprus, etc. are members of this international event. Sadra Chista Robotics School has hosted these competitions in Iran, and Robotex International member countries can participate in these competitions in Iran. Robotex International is a place where brains and knowledge meet. In September 2017, Chista Robotics Academy of Sadra participated in the Robotex competition in China with 4 teams and succeeded in winning the first place in the Folkrace League (intelligent car rally) and the second place. Robot routers are advanced.