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Ayrik Robotic Sadra’s vision and mission statement

Ayrik Robotic Sadra company is an educational organization based on production and offering of advanced training-aid products in the fields of robotics (mechanics, electronics and programming), artificial intelligence, internet of things and creativity. The target community of this organization is school or university students and other active interested people who value fundamental  skill-oriented training for entering into the industry and entrepreneurship. In addition to filling students’ free time, these trainings help them to find their career path and become a successful entrepreneur. Ayrik Robotic Sadra has got branches across Iran and soon will establish other affiliates worldwide.

About us

Sadra Innovative Creators company established

Training on robotics started at schoolssadra robot logo

the first Ariana nationwide competition held

مسابقات رباتیک

Manufacturing of robotic products launched

بسته‌های مکانیک آریاناManufacturing of educational robotic products of STEAM1, STEAM2 and Achieving two national ranks in IranOpen competition

Manufacturing training packages for electronics

محصولات الکترونیک

Manufacturing expert training packages branded Sadra Robot

winning the first rank in international  Robocup competition

Granting franchise


Granting franchise for training and selling robotic products across the country

Achieving 4 national ranks in the eleventh event of international Robocup competitions Second rank achievement in 16th event of national skill competition

Manufacturing of expert products in electronics and programing launched


Receiving representative for international Robotex competition in Iran

Robotex iran


start of export and cooperation with neighbor countriesصادرات محصولات